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Uncontrolled electrostatic discharges are a matter of great concern in many areas of production and transport, above all, in sectors where highly flammable materials are handled. Spontaneous discharges can cause explosions, deflagrations or fires, not to mention secondary accidents caused by the effects of shock.
Controlled grounding is therefore important not only for personnel safety, but also for the protection of appliances, equipment and transport vehicles. The useful areas in the industrial sector cover a wide spectrum. This is why the Eltex product range covers an equally wide spectrum of different contactors and connecting options.

Related applications

Fuel, chemicals

During filling or emptying of explosive materials, Eltex products are designed to provide a high level of safety.

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Gravimetric metering and mixing units

Electrostatic discharging of granulates in metering and mixing units.

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Big bags

Securing big bags when filling or emptying.

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