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Fixing in gang-stitchers, film wrapping and in finishing


Electrostatic fixing of wrappers in the gang-stitcher
Electrostatic charges applied to one side of the magazine shortly before the wrapper is pushed on cause the wrapper to stick safely to the covers. The downstream wire stitching is accurate and trouble-free.

Tacking single sheets with subsequent film wrapping
Before running into the wrapping station, the single sheets are electrostatically blocked and the foil is accurately fixed in place before welding. The result: trouble-free copy stream, no more adhesive or gluing station needed.

Electrostatic cover and sheet fixing in finishing
Applying specific electrostatic blocking will accurately fix the top sheets in place. Finishing is faster and safer, spoiled sheets and kinked cover sheets are a thing of the past.

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Stable piles are carried quickly, safely and trouble-free.

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Stabilizing the whole unit and straightedge insertion.

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Specific discharging will eliminate troublesome static phenomena and safely remove dust.

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Smooth copy stream, optimal printability and straightedged down-stacking of the sheets in the delivery.

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