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Blocking in pressing stations, gang-stitchers and gathering machines


Blocking in press stations
Electrostatic charges combined with mechanical pressing make for absolutely stable piles, even with 90° deviations, ensuring that the copy piles are carried quickly, safely and trouble-free.

Blocking inserts without adhesive in the gang-stitcher
Electrostatic charging safely fixes inserts in place.
The result: accurate insertion of inserts at high speed, no more slipping in the gluing zone. This saves time, adhesive and a separate feeder station.

Blocking at the gang-stitcher
An integrated blocking station relying on static charging prevents critical sheet sections from slipping in relation to each other. The result: a smooth copy stream and enhanced quality, particularly in high volume products.

Blocking at the gathering machine
Applying electrostatic charges to the booklet during gathering prevents the pages from slipping. The copies can now be glued and trimmed with ultimate accuracy. Finishing continues trouble-free and efficiently.

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