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Winding and Rewinding

Winding and Rewinding

Auf- und Umwicklung

Exact core windings
Static charges ensure slip-proof fixation of the film on the core and so guarantee absolutely perfect core windings. No glue or adhesive is needed.

Preventing the telescope effect
Better quality with less trimming waste through static charging. The web is continuously fixed to the idle roller with static charges, winding is absolutely straight-edged and perfect.

Discharging at the contact and turning winder
Optimized discharging prevents dust from settling and smudging on the last reel layer and so prevents the risk of injury when removing the reel and guarantees trouble-free processing.

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Production of hose-type bag films and bags

Improving the flow of material and product quality.

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Film production

Low material loss for film production, prevents dust attraction and streaking.

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Injection moulding

Discharging plastic moulded parts after the injection moulding machine.

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Cleaning and ionising of plastic components

Discharging and cleaning of plastic parts.

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Laminating and coating

Preventing discharges and accurate fixing in print finishing.

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