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Film production

Less material in film and foil production


Film and foil production without neck-in
Pinpoint charges applied at the exact time when the film smelt hits the chill roll significantly reduces the shrink effect, allows faster machine speeds and results in less material waste after trimming.

Better powder adhesion on surfaces
Electrostatic powder coating of the films compensates differences in material thickness and generates even winding reels for finishing. Saving lamination and antistatic agents.

Related applications

Production of hose-type bag films and bags

Improving the flow of material and product quality.

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Winding and Rewinding

Static charges ensure slip-proof fixation of the film on the core.

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Injection moulding

Discharging plastic moulded parts after the injection moulding machine.

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Cleaning and ionising of plastic components

Discharging and cleaning of plastic parts.

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Laminating and coating

Preventing discharges and accurate fixing in print finishing.

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