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Cleaning and ionising of plastic components

Discharging and cleaning of plastic components

Reinigen und Ionisieren von Kunststoffen

Cleaning and ionising of plastic components
Ionized air from R35 fishtail nozzles discharges and cleans plastic components in a single operation.

Discharging and removing dirt and dust from three-dimensional plastic components before varnishing them
As the plastic components enter the spray booth, the Static Combi Cleaner cleans them thoroughly, using a combination of pulsing air and discharge electrons, before the parts are coated. The result: a perfect coating.

Ionizing and cleaning workpiece carriers before populating them with highly sensitive components
Before they are populated for the next production step, the carriers run through the Static Combi Cleaner which, in one operation, discharges them of static and cleans off any particles stuck to them.

Removing dirt and dust particles from the inside of plastic bottles before filling them
For safe and complete cleaning of the bottles without water.
Ionization is used to eliminate the static attraction and holding forces while the whirling dirt and dust particles are removed.

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Production of hose-type bag films and bags

Improving the flow of material and product quality.

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Film production

Low material loss for film production, prevents dust attraction and streaking.

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Winding and Rewinding

Static charges ensure slip-proof fixation of the film on the core.

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Injection moulding

Discharging plastic moulded parts after the injection moulding machine.

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Laminating and coating

Preventing discharges and accurate fixing in print finishing.

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