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Ampules, hollowwares

Control of integrity and cleanness of hollowwares e.g. before filling

Ampullen, Hohlkörper

Filling of ampoules
Electrostatic systems are indispensable in filling ampoules. They use controlled charges to monitor the complete integrity of glass tubes, such as ampoules etc.

Removing dirt and dust particles from the inside of plastic bottles before filling them
For safe and complete cleaning of the bottles without water.
Ionization is used to eliminate the static attraction and holding forces while the whirling dirt and dust particles are removed.

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Foil packaging

Electrostatic discharging at foil packaging machines.

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Protective papers

Protective paper no longer needs to be applied by hand.

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Deep drawing

Trouble-free packing by discharging in vacuum packaging, e.g. pharmaceutics.

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