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Eltex was founded by Hans Grünenfelder in 1953 in Switzerland and in 1963 in Germany. Since 2000, Eltex has been part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW).

1953 Flocking plant for textiles
1963 High-voltage discharging bars and ionizers
1965 Measuring instruments on radioactive basis
1968 High-voltage appliances and generators for the first industrial application: charges for sheet adhesion in printing
1969 Electrical fieldmeters, grounding systems

1970 System with Ion Blower for discharging
1971 Begin static development of Electrostatic Printing Assist
1974 AC/DC introduction, the first active/passive Discharging Bars
1975 Development of Ribbon Tacking for folders
1979 Development of Wire Bars for the plastic industry

1982 First steps in Electrostatic Remoistening
1984 The new AC + DC bar generation R44
1985 Conversion from analog to digital engineering, use of Spectral Photometric Color Measurements
1986 The first KNH33 Powerline HV Generators
1987 First use of electrostatic energy for dust removal of webs and turner bars
1989 Eltex SG50 Remoistening Unit, electrostatic Web Cleaner Eltex EOM14, first use of the Chill Tack System

1990 ESA direct, Eltex GNN70 ESA Printing Assist System
1994 New Eltex Remoistening System LG50
1996 New Charging Systems KNH34, R130
1998 New Discharging Systems with depth effect ES51, R50
1999 New ESA generation: GNH61 Top Loading, GNN71 Direct Charge
2000 WEBMOISTER 60 Electrostatic Remoistening System;
          new method in process engineering: E-field-supported drying EFD
2001 New GNN75 Core-Charging ESA system
2002 New WEBMOISTER 70XR (extended range) Electrostatic Remoistening System, now also for small water quantities
2004 New EFD technology (INNOCURE)
2006 New generation of high voltage generators
2009 INNOCURE in newspaper printing
2009 WEBMOISTER 3000 - Electrostatic Remoistening
IONSTAR RX3 large distance discharge
2011 BASIX - New Discharging System
2014 SDS - Smart Discharging System - 24 V DC technology
2015 DIGIMOISTER 1500 - Electrostatic Remoistening in Digital Printing
2016 HSG62 - The new ESA-generator for performance level d
2017 flexION R60 - The new discharging electrode with flexible, freestanding emission tips
2017 ECC - Eltex Conected Control for intelligent monitoring control

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