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R55, PR55, EXPR50

R55 – Ion Blower Head

PR55 – Ion Blower Pistol

EXPR50 - Ion Blower Pistol for hazardous area

Advantages: ultimate discharge range and hence enhanced depth effect, high safety standards through passive discharging power, safety through function and malfunction monitoring in connection with the appropriate power supply, no health hazards from electric shocks when making contact with the tips.

The powerful EXPR50 Ion Blower Pistol can be used for active discharging, also in hazardous area (approved for mobile use).

R36, PR36


R36 – Ion Blower Nozzle

PR36 – Ion Blower Pistol

Advantages: high degree of discharging efficiency, compact design, adapter design, small dimensions, easy installation, flow-optimized air nozzle. The devices can be delivered as a fishtail nozzle, as circular jet nozzle, as a needle-jet nozzle or as a compact fishtail nozzle.


LR36 – Ion Blower Nozzle Carrier

Electrostatic charges building up during the production process cause disruptions. Discharging using the LR36 ion blower nozzle carrier effectively eliminates these charges even at longer ranges. This is particularly important when reeling on or off because the reel diameter and therefore the distance to the discharging unit changes permanently. The compact design of the ion blower nozzle and the high efficiency allow a wide variety of different applications and uses.

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