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Flexible, versatile, precise.



Micro-components and instrument manufacturing require the smallest of tolerances – that is precisely where electrostatic charges can be particularly vexing and noticeably disrupt the production process. That costs time and money.

Small solution, big effect

Conventional electrostatic solutions are too large in size and too inflexible to provide relief here – but the STATICJET RX21 solves this problem.With its compact dimensions, low weight, and independence from internationally varying supply voltages, the STATICJET RX21 can easily be used anywhere and thus brings reliable Eltex quality to each production process.

Discharging made easy

The ions generated at the emission tip are carried by the airflow through the nozzle (available in various versions) to the object to be discharged and there they provide for a precise and reliable active discharge. This guarantees smooth and more efficient process flows—safely and reliably.

The advantages of the STATICJET RX21:

  • integrated high-voltage generation (external high-voltage wiring is not required)
  • short-circuit proof
  • 24 V DC power supply
  • compact design, small dimensions, and low weight
  • flexible and easy to install
  • three different nozzle forms
  • two LEDs, which indicate normal operation or a fault. The integrated switch switches off the high voltage in the event of a fault and generates a fault signal.
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