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TCO030 - Terracompact II

During filling or decanting processes involving potentially explosive liquids or materials, the Eltex Terracompact II automatically identifies faulty, disrupted or defective ground links in the installation. Any break in the ground links results the automatic run-down of the process. The Terracompact II is a standard enclosure for mounting on top-hat rail DIN 46277 for installation in a switchgear cabinet or a control room.


TCO030 - Terrabox

Terrabox TCB030 is designed for direct installation in explosion hazard areas and for connecting a clamp. Two clamps are connected when used for BIG-BAG grounding. The dual color indicator lamp signals the grounding state. The integrated contacts allow an enable circuit to be implemented.


601KR - Cable Rewinders

The cable rewinders 607KR rewind the grounding cable after temporary use of the ground contactor, protecting the cable from damages. Several versions are available: The cable rewinders 601KR/AW and 601KR/DW come in an impact resistant aluminium casing and the cable rewinder 601KR/KW is a plastic version for easy use. All cable rewinders are appropriate for use in the explosion hazardous areas 1 and 21. Different designs of ground clamps are available to be connected for the various applications.




The grounding system identifies a low-resistance connection using the jaws of the clamp. If a connection is identified, the device discharges electrostic charges safely via a a resitor, which prevents spark discharge.



The Eltex TERRAPHARM grounding device combines proven TERRABOX technology with the specific material requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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